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Bookings for media and cultural commentary should do so via the contact form. Currently I am focusing on media and cultural analysis. 


The Staffroom (1)
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The Staffroom: A fistful of scholars

Join the inmates in the staffroom of Bogside Community College a place of learning, a place of study, a place of egg and cress sandwiches. When Branwell Brown returns from sick-leave the self-appointed head of the staffroom is in for a rude awakening in the shape of new, younger female boss Vicky aka 'Queen Victoria . . .'

Senna & Prost: Interview with Talk Radio Europe

Talk Radio Senna Prost
00:00 / 33:17

Check out my interview with Talk Radio in which I discuss publication of my book, 'The Power & The Glory: Senna, Prost and F1's Golden Era.'

Interview on The John Cooper Show

David Sedgwick _ How the Mainstream Media Manipulates the Public (128 kbps) (1)
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Check out the Mp3 format of my interview from December 2021 with John Cooper in which we discuss all things media and culture.